About enterprise

By the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, «NO RWM», FSUE has been specified as the National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management and single organization authorized to carry out final disposal of radioactive waste (RAW), and other related functions.

Until recently, long-term storage of nuclear waste and postponed decision of its final disposal was a general practice. That is why handling the problem of nuclear legacy and providing of nuclear and radiation safety for people and environment is a serious technical, economical and, most of all, social target.

The main volume of accumulated RAW formed as a result of military nuclear programs’ realization in the USSR. Besides that, the necessity of final disposal of RAW developing as a result of industrial processes and decommissioning of nuclear installations becomes an ambition task.

During the last 5 years in Russia we put a lot of efforts for handling the accrued problems, implementation of unified principles, technologies and control system for RAW manipulations (including ultimate disposal stage).

In 2011 one of key notes for the field of nuclear engineering enacted – Federal Law “On the treatment of RAW and on introduction of amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” as of 11.07.2011 №190-ФЗ, which allows mandatory disposal for total volume of accumulated and developed RAW by establishing of single national system of RAW handling and establishing of national RAW handling operator.

Providing a solution to the problems of accumulated Soviet nuclear legacy and newly formed RAW, the company, in fact, is a state, industrial and ecological enterprise, which key target is final disposal of RAW, including any potential environmental risks.

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