The main activities of "NO RWM" are as follows:

  • Safe handling of accepted radioactive waste;
  • Maintaining radiation safety and environmental protection at facilities;
  • Performing operation and closure of final insulation facilities of radioactive waste;
  • Preparation of forecasts of the volume of final isolation of radioactive waste, development of infrastructure for radioactive waste management and placement of relevant information on the website of FSUE "NO RWE" and at the website of the State Corporation "Rosatom"
  • Preparatory and pre-design works related to the construction of final insulation points for radioactive waste;
  • Performing the functions of the customer for the design and construction of final insulation points for radioactive waste;
  • Organization and holding of public hearings;
  • Development and implementation of measures to ensure the physical protection of the final isolation points, including the creation of a system and elements of the physical protection system;
  • Informing the public, state authorities and local government on the safety of radioactive waste management and on the radiation situation in the territories where facilities are operated by the national operator.

The national operator accepts radioactive waste for disposal in accordance with the tariffs for the disposal of radioactive waste. The procedure for state regulation of tariffs for the disposal of radioactive waste, including the basis of pricing and the rules of state regulation and control, as well as the federal executive body authorized to establish such tariffs, is established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Radioactive waste is received in accordance with the criteria for the acceptability of radioactive waste for its disposal.

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